The Beginning: Goodbye Chocolate


The challenge was to avoid eating chocolate for the next two weeks. This came after a series of late nights, packs of m&ms and possibly, just possibly, a few magnums.

M&M night
Date night with M&Ms. Source: Google Images

Being the die-hard, never give up sort of person that I am, I grudgingly accepted the challenge. Two weeks. Yes, a long hard road…no chocolate, no comfort, no late night burst of cocoa …I could make it.


I failed at the start of Week 1. Day 1 to be exact.

My first test came while doing my weekly shopping. On sale: New chocolate cakes, with a creamy melted chocolate center. Why now? Why me? I now saw the childlike appeal of crying and throwing a tantrum on the floor as I had to have that cake. Cake was definitely not a pack of M&ms. I could have some right?

Valiantly moving on pass the cake aisle (Yes, cake aisle because who wants bread when there’s cake), I somberly picked up the rest of my shopping – detergent, soap, juice, milk…  everything that wasn’t cake. However, it couldn’t be that easy could it? It was a sale after all. The cake was everywhere. Aisle after aisle, discount today, cake for sale, try our new recipe. Why me?

As I made it through to the cashier, guess what was waiting for me? Oh, you guessed it! M&Ms! Oh sorry, cake ! Truly irresistible it said and it was…  A girl can only take so much  and I definitely couldn’t take it anymore! I was going to go crazy and this was just Day 1!!?

Oh no no no, I didn’t fail the challenge there. I made it all the way through to the home. Come on, I was strong, independent. Women’s lib! Equality!  Who needs m&ms? Not I!

But you see these:

cabury trifle
Mmmm, yummy! Source: Google Images

I definitely needed those. I had bought them earlier before the challenge and so technically, I was obliged to get them. They’d spoil, right?

As I finished my last bite, it hit me… what’s gonna happen tomorrow.. no chocolate?



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See you soon~









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