Chocolate Escapades: Will I make it without you?

When I started this two week challenge to avoid eating chocolate, there was one question that played in my mind. Was I really that addicted? I mean, you can’t actually be addicted to chocolate, right?

Wrong. The first few days without chocolate saw me in withdrawal– cravings, cold sweats, and tossing and turning at night. So yes, I was addicted.

Source: Google Images

But how? I didn’t think much about my chocolate consumption as I rarely ate chocolate before and only recently did I have a fling with peanut M&Ms. (Yumm). Did it only take a few weeks to get so caught up on chocolate? With so much to think about, I could really use a Cadbury bar to lose my thoughts in….(whoops)


Addiction: “A strong … need to regularly have something” ~ Merriam-Webster Dictionary~

Yup, I definitely had an addiction.

So on one of those cold, chocolate-less nights, I saw myself rummaging through the kitchen to find some form of chocolate to munch on… one of my flatmates had a box of chocolate rice krispies. I spied it with envy. I caught myself as I held the box. Is this what I’d come to? Stealing rice krispies?




Source: Google Images

Yes, it did. Two nights in a row. A small bowl of rice crispies. Guilty? Of course, but happily so. Technically, they weren’t chocolate and don’t worry, as flatmates, we share everything so again, technically not stealing.

However after going so low, it made me wonder if could I really hold out for two weeks? I was only three days in and look at me. Do you really think that I can do it?

If you said yes, think again. By Friday (Day 4), I was eating a chocolate brownie with icecream. But that’s a story for another time~

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See you soon~


Disclaimer: The images found on this post are not mine and were taken from Google Images.


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