Guilty Pleasure: Brownie Edition


As I read Deep Breaths this week as well as my friend’s private blog, I thought about the real reason behind my blog(s). What was I really going to achieve? Why did I actually start writing?

The whole concept of blogging everyday seems so easy when you start, as the ideas are flowing endlessly (it seems). It’s essentially supposed to be fun. It should be easy to set time out for it because it’s fun, right? But setting time out, is essentially work and it’s not easy. You have to work at anything, even fun. Yea, it does sound weird.

Self-control, yea that’s what it is. Balancing the fun and the work. It’s the same for food- balancing the food you should eat with the food you shouldn’t… same concept right?

No. It clearly does not apply to chocolate. It’s a guilty pleasure, not a “once-in-a-while between vegetables” pleasure. You’re supposed to feel guilty. That’s all the more reason why I ate that chocolate brownie with ice-cream in the first week of my challenge.

Okay, not just the first week but four days in.

As if the cereal incidents weren’t enough? Of course not because:

  1. The desert was a part of a healthy 3 course meal.
  2. It was paid for.
  3. Free chocolate during a chocolate ban.
  4. All other courses were…. what’s a good word… not exactly yummy.
  5. Did I mention free chocolate?

Yup, free chocolate. I couldn’t turn that down. If I stayed true to the challenge, I wouldn’t be seeing chocolate for the next week (The irony, I know). Plus the ice-cream was herb based. That should cut right through the sugar right? Right.

However, I did really feel the guilt in guilty and it’s not a challenge if I didn’t take it seriously. So I decided to reset the beginning of the challenge to begin that Friday, after the mag brownie. Goodbye Chocolate. Countdown 14 days.



What was I thinking? *Help*


N.B. The chocolate brownie image was sourced from Google Images.


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