After the reset: Week 1


You’d think with my poor self control concerning chocolate, I’d be dying after I attempted to restart the challenge.

You thought wrong.

I was strong, capable and determined to succeed. You don’t believe me ?

It’s true. Somehow, some way, my desire to see this through pushed me past the cravings and episodes. This apparently is stage 2 of addiction recovery, (yes, I googled it), which means …I was really addicted (No shocker there after the whole cereal incident).

However, my belief was pushed to the test when my flatmate so eloquently asked for me to get him ice-cream from the fridge. Yes, the person who started my chocolate nightmare, bought ice-cream deliberately to taunt me. Who does that, right?

And what could I do, after so blatantly giving up chocolate, but scoop soft served mint chocolate chip for him into a cup. Why me ?

But did I give in as I stared lovingly at the open ice-cream container ? Did I give in when ice-cream dripped on my hand ?


Of course not! Have some faith ! I handed him the ice-cream and washed the ice-cream off my hand ! I’m a boss ! (Yes, I cried silently as I washed the ice-cream away, shhhhh).

This challenge was in the bag! .. or so I thought.

Until next time~

Information about the stages of addiction recovery was found here.

As always all pictures are sourced from Google and are not my own.

See you next time! x




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